Intercon wins Small Business of the Year Award…25 years and growing strong!

The Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce announced Intercon as a winner of the Small Business of the Year Award for 2012. In announcing the award, the Lynchburg Chamber called Intercon a “hidden jewel” in the Lynchburg/Bedford area.   Intercon was chosen based on performance shown in several categories such as: Customer Service, Company Growth, Innovative Products and Services, Leadership, Employee Satisfaction and Retention and Evidence of Community Spirit.  With growth of 20% over the past year, Intercon has had many opportunities to display our strength in each area. Our growth is reflective of the level of service we provide to our customers and exhibits the strong leadership that made our development possible . We have dedicated, skilled employees that are given the resources they need to be successful. Intercon is committed to their customers, their employees, and their community. We are honored to be recognized for these valuable traits and are committed to sustaining them.

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