Mold Tooling

Mold tools are built in-house from concept, drawing, part design specifications or part sample to further provide customized products. A substantial inventory of mold tools is also available.

Autojectors, 30 Ton, 6.75 oz. capacity

Mold Styles
(include but not limited to):

  • MS Circular connectors
  • 9, 15, 25 and 37 pin d-subs
  • Custom Over-molds
  • Logos and inserts

Molding Materials:

  • PVC – various colors available
  • Polyurethane/PVC Blend
  • Polypropelene
  • Elexar

Intercon’s focus on meeting our customer’s needs is further demonstrated by our decision to take things a step farther than many of our competitors by investing in a full service tool room.  Here we have all of the equipment necessary to build a plastic injection mold which will over mold even the most detailed electrical connector to make a custom cable assembly sealed from destructive environmental factors such as pollutants, heat, humidity or inclement weather.

Our tool room staff has over thirty years of tooling design and building experience which allows us to take your project from a simple concept to a detailed mold design and then finally to an over molded custom cable assembly perfectly suited to your requirements.

  • Our modern CNC equipment allows us to go from design to finished product in a timely manner, reducing lengthy and costly lead-times.
  • Our Electrical Discharge Machine uses electrical current to precisely erode steel away to create a mold cavity with a wire or cable strain relief to make your assembly not just functional but professional-looking with a fine matte finish.
  • Precision equipment such as this Harig 612 Surface Grinder helps us to complete your project with the utmost accuracy and precision.

After the mold is completed, the tool is brought into our molding room where it is sampled. During this step of the project any processing issues are identified and final adjustments are made to the tool. The molded part is then examined closely for form, fit and function. Molded samples are sent to our QA department for analysis and then on to our customer for their approval before moving into the production phase of the project.   With our engineering expertise, our tool building capabilities and our in-house molding of cable assemblies, Intercon is fully capable of providing a true ‘Turn Key’ product to perfectly fit our customer’s requirements.

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