Intercon is Kicking off the New Year with an Old Friend


(Standard for the Wire Harness Industry)
The IPC/WHMA-A620A was designed and developed by a joint effort between IPC, the leader in workforce training and WHMA (Wire Harness Manufacturer Association). The goal was to formalize standards for the wire harness industry. In essence, the goal was to create something where there had been nothing. This was going to be a big undertaking.

How would this be accomplished? With the help of Intercon, that’s how.

Intercon was in the forefront of the effort by joining the Joint Working Group during the initial development of the standard. Intercon’s representative was present at all work group meetings held around the country. Intercon contributed many of the photos in the standard, and provided much of the descriptive text and assisted with the editing.

Intercon’s on-staff Certified IPC Trainer, Bridget Burnley, will be receiving her fifth recertification next month at the Wire Harness Manufacturer Association conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference allows Intercon to remain current and up to date with happenings in our industry.

Intercon is currently certifying or recertifying its employees to the standard. This type of training reinforces Intercon’s commitment to continual quality improvements by insuring our employees receive the tools to remain competent to our core processes. Once training and testing are complete each employee receives a serialized certificate that registers them as a Certified IPC Specialist.

Certification completion is expected by month’s end, adding yet another “feather” to Intercon’s quality cap!

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